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BeelZebub OST


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Beelzebub OP Single – Dadada

Resmi ekleyen

Type OST: Anime

Artist: Group Tamashii


Number of songs: 3

Street Release Date: February 2, 2011


01. Dadada

02. Youchi & DESTROY

03. Ooedo Call & Response (2010.5.17 Shibuya C.C.Lemon Hall)


Beelzebub ED1 Single – Answer

Type OST: Anime

Artiste : no3b

CD’s: 1

Number of songs: 6

Release Data: 2011/03/02


01. Answer

02. Monozuki 1 Go

03. Itoshisa no Akuseru (Takahashi Minami Solo)

04. Answer -Instrumental-

05. Monozuki 1 Go -Instrumental-

06. Itoshisa no Akuseru (Takahashi Minami Solo) -Instrumental-


Beelzebub OP2 Single

ype OST: Anime

Artist: ON/OFF

CD’s: 1

Number of songs: 4

Release Date: 2011/04/27


01. 始まるのは、サヨナラ

02. 君ガ イナケリャ

03. 始まるのは、サヨナラ Instrumental

04. 君ガ イナケリャ Instrumental


Title: Beelzebub ED2 Anime Limited Version Single

Type OST: Anime

Artist: 中川翔子

CD’s: 1

Number of songs: 8

Release Date: 2011/06/08


01. つよがり

02. 星屑ロマンス

03. Dangerous wild,you are!

04. つよがり (TV Edit)

05. つよがり -Instrumental-

06. 星屑ロマンス -Instrumental-

07. Dangerous wild,you are! -Instrumental-

08. つよがり (TV Edit) -Instrumental-


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