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En iyi anime soundtrack hangisi?


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Kishida kyoudan = H.O.T.D op

Bleach op 14

Bleach Rollingstar

Bleach 3rd Opening  - Ichirin No Hana (Full)



Death Note - Opening 1

Devil May Cry 3 - Devils Never Cry

FAIRY TAIL main theme & Fairy Tail dragonslayer

Bleach Opening 2 - UVERworld - D-technoLife

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Aqua Timez-Velonica(Bleach)

Aqua Timez-Alones(Bleach)


FLOW-Sign(Naruto S.)

Rookiez is Punk'd-Complication(Durarara)

herkez op-ed vermis bende op-ed veriyim dedim onun dısında ostlere gecicek olursak

Naruto-Hinata vs Neji

Naruto S.-Nightfall

Naruto S.-Saika

Elfen lied-Lilium

Death Note-L's theme

Death Note-Jiken

Death note-Light's theme

Fairy Tail-Dragonslayer

Fiary Tail-the theme of multiflora

Fairy Tail-Main theme

yeter :D

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