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  1. Pegasus I think I'm feeling better with the holiday in this room with all of you hahaha
  2. Pegasus how are you do you feeling holiday is relax
  3. Pegasus Sen gidiyorsuns okula Ben bitirmis tim
  4. Hi Pegasus let's talk about your hobbies in anime manga and games
  5. But I do leave it for a long time and not returned back to it
  6. Hi who wants to speech about hobbies in anime and game I see the anime parasyte interesting
  7. No not yet I try alien 9 only this week end of my college then I try to watch dramatical murders then I finish it I guess parasyte is great
  8. I'm playing comic magazine cartoon stories for spies
  9. Nesilsines Ben xbox360 oyniyorum olastim oyunda bir yerda cok seviyorum sedece cok zor bende hic nefret etmyorum How are you there Im playing xbox360 I arrived to hard place I loved but I don't hate so hard looking it was difficult to watch So it also in the cartoon
  10. Pegasuse Ben adi cok seviyorum cok guzel I love your name and it is very beautiful remind me a cartoon subject
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