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  1. Nesilsines Ben xbox360 oyniyorum olastim oyunda bir yerda cok seviyorum sedece cok zor bende hic nefret etmyorum How are you there Im playing xbox360 I arrived to hard place I loved but I don't hate so hard looking it was difficult to watch So it also in the cartoon
  2. Pegasuse Ben adi cok seviyorum cok guzel I love your name and it is very beautiful remind me a cartoon subject
  3. Yes I I found here by Google search because I have only typing turkce anime forumlari I choose here to get good anime idea and good friends I found good manga in turkish language I will never give it up from watching and playing these I found horror so nicely to me I read romance shoujo manga and I found it so relax to my mind and I'm from Iraq I see a lot of arabic anime too cute to me but it will never be such as turkish but in arabic some genre is hard to exactly what I prefer there but hear it is so easily some of my neighbors in anime arabic language is so difficult then next time I leave
  4. Thanks girls to the hot welcome I came here from Google searching I write anime forum turkish then I came here my favorite hobby is only writing my favourite cartoon is about adventure and my favorite anime is basilisk and dramatical murders my favourite color is blue I have no favourite character I love always drinking milk and cocoe I sleep at midnight on the 3 o'clock am morning my favourite food is chicken with salat my favorites fruit is lemon some time I have not get morning break fast I get it in the night hehe I hats pepsei I don't know my favourite lesson is history my top hate type o
  5. Arcadas cok seviyorum Ben harkas Hersey dinleme okula ogrendem seylar muzik cartoon yabanicim animelar oyun oyniyorum xbox360 ben nefret ediyorum telefon ve televizyon hatırlamıyorum hehe college bitmek yapamak ediyorum I can speak English only
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