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yamamoto yusuke


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Resmi ekleyen

Adı : yamamoto  yusuke

Meslek : Aktör

Doğum Tarihi : 19 Ocak 1988

Doğduğu yer:Aichi,japonya

Boy :180

Kan grubu : A

*TV şşovları *

Tumbling as Wataru Azuma (TBS, 2010)

Sotsu Uta (Fuji TV, 2010)

Rinne no Ame as Kouhei Mikami (Fuji TV, 2010)

Shaken BABY! (Fuji TV, 2010)

Ninkyo Helper (Fuji TV, 2009)

Atashinchi no Danshi (Fuji TV, 2009)

RESCUE (TBS, 2009)

Hanazakari no Kimitachi e SP as Kayashima Taiki (Fuji TV, 2008)

Odaiba Tantei Shuchishin Hexagon Satsujin Jiken (Fuji TV, 2008, guest)

Taiyo to Umi no Kyoshitsu (Fuji TV, 2008)

Puzzle (TV Asahi, 2008)

Iryu 2 (Fuji TV, 2007, ep2-3)

Hanazakari no Kimitachi e (Fuji TV, 2007)

My Fair Boy! (TBS, 2007)

Oniyome Nikki 2 (Fuji TV, 2007)

Puzzle (TV Asahi, 2007)

Himitsu no Hanazono (Fuji TV, 2007)

Kamen Rider Kabuto (TV Asahi, 2006)


Ooarai ni mo Hoshi wa Furunari 大洗にも星はふるなり (2009)

MW (2009]

ROOKIES-Sotsugyo- (2009)

Handsome Suit (2008)

Wanna be FREE! Tokyo Girl (2006)

Kamen Rider Kabuto: God Speed Love (2006)

[img alt=[Resim: yyhs17be6tg7.jpg]]http://img24.imageshack.us/img24/9973/yyhs17be6tg7.jpg

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